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EBAY#: 140069487931 START: 2006-12-29 12:36:00 (week 3)
END: 2007-01-05 12:36:00
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Feared both by neighboring species and its own government and civilians, the ‘Romulan Empire' relies on its agents in the ‘Tal’Shiar’ to look outward and inward for threats to the status quo. This costume is comprised of these elements: cropped trousers with black elastic suspenders, a uniform shirt with silver and gray checkerboard pattern with zips up the side and clasps at the top, the sleeves stop just below the elbow to allow for unattached form fitting silver sleeves with an Velcro patch to affix a cast resin, silver painted Tal Shiar badge on the left cuff, a neck wrap to simulate an undershirt that zips up the back and clasps at the top, and a vinyl belt fastened to a Y shaped harness with Velcro placements for four ‘Romulan Star Empire’ logo badges. These badges are cast resin, painted silver and feature the Imperial Eagle flying toward the viewer clutching the twin worlds of the ‘Empire’;’ Romulus’ and’ Remus’, in its talons. The ‘Tal Shiar’ badge is different in that it is rectangular in shape with a profile of the Eagle and its wing flying, featuring ‘Romulan’ character letters below. The uniform comes complete with a holster for a ‘disruptor pistol’ (sold separately).

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Nice close-up of the Tal Shiar badge.