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EBAY#: 140127008160 START: 2007-06-08 18:32:00 (week 26)
END: 2007-06-15 18:32:00
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“Dr. Phlox” (John Billingsley) of the Denobulan race joined the NX-01 Enterprise from earth where he was part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange. This impressive Away Team kit was made for use by Dr.Phlox during the Star Trek: Enterprise series. The metal rolling case has a removable top to reveal a trio of size adjustable compartments; the lid fastens with two latches on either side of the container's exterior. The front of the container opens out on hinges on the bottom to reveal four approx. 6 X 3 X 6.5 inches drawers that each contains several items apiece. Under the drawers there is another compartment that measures approx.14 X 7 X 5.5 inches with its own goodies. The contents of the case include three aluminum pump dispensers with black plastic screw on pumps, a blue glass container with a black plastic screw on lid with affixed blue sickbay label, a rectangular metallic silver case with a ‘surgical services’ label on the outside; the item opens up to reveal a black foam core interior with metallic and resin details attached as well as ‘buttons’ on the inside. There are various 1-8oz containers and vials that are empty or actually contain undisclosed kinds of fluids, gels, jellies, lotions, wax-like substances, etc.; some of which may include iodine and Vaseline. The entire kit measures approx. 21.25 X 10.25 X 16 inches. It features externally a handle on the lid and another that telescopes from the top. Please note that any remaining substances are not for use and are for display only.