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EBAY#: 140065396130 START: 2006-12-15 13:46:00 (week 1)
END: 2006-12-22 13:46:00
BIDS: 22PRICE: $1025.00assumedsuccess
Worn by John Rubinstein who portrayed Minister Kuvak in the episode “The Awakening” and again by Gary Graham who played the recurring character Ambassador Soval in the episode “Home”, both from the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise. This costume is made up of an under robe of a differing material from the outer robe. The under robe features snaps to attach the outer garment and a belt that appears as three different ones. The inner robe has four button sleeves while the outer one is open and flowing. The costume tags also indicate it was worn by Tom Kopachie who played Vulcan Attache Tos in the first episode “Broken Bow, Part I” and Vince Deadrick, stunt coordinator for the entire series.

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