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EBAY#: 140067352961 START: 2006-12-22 12:56:00 (week 2)
END: 2006-12-29 12:56:00
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Positive feedback I look at a Star Trek DVD and there's my Item! Truly Wonderful!!
Carrying cases like this one ware featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Voyager like “The Omega Directive” in which a crewman reporting to “Seven of Nine's” (Jeri Ryan) cargo bay brought one with him when she gave him a ‘Borg designation’. Crewman Tal Celes” (Zoe McLellan) brought one into a corridor to perform repair work during a strange incident during the episode “The Haunting of Deck Twelve”. These cases were often filled with tools and sensor equipment. They were frequently seen as being black or gray. This item is a gray plastic case with a silver ‘Starfleet Material Supply Command’ inventory sticker featuring the Star Trek VII: Generations Starfleet badge logo applied to the front of the case and an ‘access panel’ sticker on the back. There is also a silver accent sticker running the length of the front. The case opens upon un-latching the snaps at the top on either side of the handle to reveal a cavity for items protected on either side by foam. Measures approx. 19 X 11.5 X 5 inches.