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The “evil Mirror Universe” of Star Trek is a place where our heroes are duplicated though their personalities are vastly different due to their changed circumstances. The Federation has been replaced by a Terran Empire that rules by force and conquest instead of governing by diplomacy and democracy. Changes in the chain of command frequently come through assassination, mutiny, and seduction. Costumes like this one were featured in the two episode story arc “In a Mirror, Darkly, Parts I and II” of Star Trek: Enterprise. This item consists of a Terran Empire Starfleet uniform jumpsuit including the notorious ‘Avenger NX-09' left shoulder patch with red and yellow beams of light emitting from a white Starfleet emblem, a patch emblem of the Terran Empire on the opposing right shoulder, sciences blue division trim around the shoulders, and black epaulettes for rank. The “Avenger” was another ‘NX-Class’ ship like “Enterprise” commanded by a human captain (as is commonplace in the mirror universe) though crewed by aliens considered to be second-class citizens. In the episodes the aliens attempted to improve their situation by taking over the “Enterprise” after “Avenger” was destroyed in combat. “Star Trek: Enterprise” costumes feature multiple zippered pockets, Velcro size adjustments at the wrist and ankles, and come complete with a black undershirt (this one a sleeveless tee) with detachable shoulder pads, even in the mirror universe. The sewn in tag reads “Enterprise” and indicates use by various actors in the series.