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EBAY#: 140129609156 START: 2007-06-15 17:19:00 (week 27)
END: 2007-06-22 17:19:00
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Positive feedback really cool Love the piece, Thanks!!!
A prop communicator featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime” by veteran Star Trek actor Joel Swetow as “Ambassador Thoris”. The item is a palm sized plasic prop with a smooth outer casing featuring an inset three position switch and a screened in circle on the reverse. The item appears to have untested electronics but it is also sealed closed and no power seems to remain from production use. The item is painted blue with a metallic sheen and measures approx. 3.5 X 1.75 X 1.5 inches. Joel Swetow also portrayed “Gul Jassad”, the Cardassian flotilla commander sent to locate a missing ship in the premiere episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.