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An unprovoked attack on Earth by the mysterious “Xindi” targeted areas of Florida and left in its wake a 7 million-victim death toll in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “The Expanse”. The next episode, “The Xinid” focuses on the “Enterprise NX-01” crew's attempt to locate the “Xindi” in the ‘Delphic Expanse’. Because the attack killed the sister of “’Trip’ Tucker” he has recurring nightmares about an energy beam coming out of the sky slicing into the ground and disintegrating the café at which his sister frequently dined. This sturdy table and chair set are from those dream sequences. The table itself is approx. 29 inches from the ground with an approx. one-inch thickness; the flat surface is circular with an approx. 29.5-inch diameter. The cross-shaped stabilizers at the floor feature screw on feet for leveling and they are approx. 26 inches across. The overall color of the table is silver with surface appearing reflective with a swirling circular pattern every inch that really catches the light! The columnar base is polished and shiny as is the support base. The four chairs are identical featuring gray framework and formed a blue plastic seat and back that are patterned with oblong holes in a ‘burst’; the seat is approx. 17 inches off the ground and the whole chair is approx’ 31 inches tall.