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This incredible uniform was worn by Robert Duncan McNeill who is one of a handful of actors that can boast his appearance in every episode of the Star Trek: Voyager series. He played “Tom Paris”, an imprisoned flight controller who was given the opportunity by Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) to join the U.S.S. Voyager as a Lieutenant (junior grade). Paris proved his worth on many occasions; notably with his conceived and realized shuttle the Delta Flyer intended to beat the Malon in a race to recover a ‘multispatial probe' lost in a gas giant planet but was also used to rescue Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) in the memorable episode “Dark Frontier”. This is his Voyager-style Starfleet uniform; a black one-piece jumpsuit with command red shoulders, a V-neckline, a front zip and black stirrups. The back of the uniform has two pleats down the back and gathered elastic at each side for a formfitting look. Four sewn in loops are positioned around the waist for ‘away team’ gear and a small Velcro patch is on the left breast to attach a combadge (sold separately). The accompanying long sleeve undershirt is made of gray cotton with snap fastenings at the bottom and a zip up the back. Built-in padded pectorals have been added for enhancement to the chest area. Both pieces of clothing have sewn in tags that reads “Voyager – Robert Duncan McNeill”.