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EBAY#: 140067352979 START: 2006-12-22 12:12:00 (week 2)
END: 2006-12-29 12:12:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $811.00 (reserve not met)reservenotmet
“Martus Mazur”(Chris Sarandon) made his appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the episode “Rivals”. A con artist by trade, “Mazur” finds himself in possession of an ‘alien gambling device'(sold separately) that generates mysterious luck to its possessor. After being turned down by “Quark” (Armin Shimerman) in his offer to sell the device, conniving “Mazur” opens a competing bar called “Club Martus” that takes “Quark’s” customer away, leaving him desperately trying to revive his business. This remarkable lot incorporates the costumes specifically worn by Chris Sarandon as “Mazur” in this entertaining episode. The lot features two impressive blazers; two neck wraps and one jumpsuit that can be worn with either of the blazers. The first double-breasted and lined blazer incorporates a check and diamond motif in silver, black and gray shades. Black and gold ribbed trim accents the chest and back with bands of the same design around each arm. A zip and snap combination fastens the blazer together at the front. The associated neck wrap is black fabric with gold and silver thread that has been subtly pleated for a finished look. The underside has snaps for affixing it to the jumpsuit. The second lined blazer features an irregular geometric pattern over its entirety in gold, black and gray. Gold and brown trim accentuates the neckline and down either side of the front zip. Black piping breaks up the design down the front and back of the body. Three slits separate the bottom part of the blazer into four sections to create a unique look. The corresponding neck wrap is black fabric with silver and bronze thread that has also been subtly pleated. The silver and gray jumpsuit to be worn with either blazer and neck wrap combination has a v-neckline, stirrups, a zip up the back and snaps around the collar line to connect the accompanying neck wraps. All items were worn by Chris Sarandon although the sewn in “Deep Space Nine” tags on the items indicate wear by Chris Sarandon as well as another actor in a later episode.

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Martus Mazur Costume Lot: various costumes used by Chris Sarandon in "Rivals". Tags show it was also used later on by others.