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A ‘Bajoran' village leader “Woban” (Jordan Lund) negotiated a settlement between his village and a neighboring one in the tenuous time following the ‘Cardassian occupation’ during the episode “The Storyteller” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His costume is comprised of patterned pants made from synthetic material, mainly blue with tan hexagons evenly spaced throughout, held on by black elastic suspenders, with black elastic stirrups at the feet. The jacket is of the same material with sleeves and the upper portion of the chest featuring the exact opposite colors becoming mainly tan with blue hexagons spaced evenly. It zips up the front and clasps at the point of a V-neck. The sewn in Deep Space Nine tag is inscribed ‘Jordan Lund’. (The seam in the crotch of the pants is open.)


Seen In/Used For::DS9 | Species/Culture::Bajoran | Type::Wardrobe