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EBAY#: 140067369832 START: 2006-12-22 13:16:00 (week 2)
END: 2006-12-29 13:16:00
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The item is a beautiful red robe worn by the appointed “Sirah” of a ‘Bajoran' village. It a was made for the episode “The Storyteller” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in which a powerful storm derived of the villagers emotions, the “Dal’Roc” was thwarted by the “Sirah”. “Miles O’Brian” (Colm Meany) accidentally found himself the heir of the “Sirah” and thus had to wear the robe and take the mantle of the title for a short time. Kay E. Kuter played the “Sirah” until he died in the episode. The title was eventually passed on to a native of the village, “Hovath” (Lawrence Monoson) as was the robe. The robe itself is made from red synthetic fibers on its interior, and red and multi-colored blotches on its exterior. The trim of the robe is an irregularly multi-colored pattern as is the hem. The entire robe is patterned with a gold thread design that runs as a spiraling triangle connecting to a zigzag in alternating directions from one to the next. The costumers tag attached is inscribed "DS9, # 414, Storyteller, Bajoran."

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Worn by the Sirah in "The Storyteller".


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