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The item is a spacesuit under garment from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Blink of an Eye" in which "U.S.S. Voyager" comes across a planet with a core that creates a unique fluctuation in time, one second passing for the ship in orbit equals a day in the life of the aliens on the planet below. Having witnessed the growth of an entire civilization, "Voyager" was eventually boarded by the aliens when they discovered space travel in only a couple of "Voyager's" days later. The alien pilot who survived the attempt was "Gotana-Retz" played by Daniel Dae Kim. The costume consists of a gray jumpsuit with fine sewn in ribbing around the shoulder and at the knees, black elastic stirrups at the feet, a zip up the back to seal it with clasps at the neck, and black detachable shoulder pads. There is a Velcro patch on the left wrist cuff for placement of a 'temporal compensator'. The sewn in Voyager tag is inscribed 'Daniel Dae Kim'.

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Spacesuit undergarment worn by Daniel Dae Kim to portray Gotana-Retz in "Blink of an Eye"


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