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While in the ‘Alpha Quadrant' there may be no more fearsome warrior than the “Klingons”, in the ‘Gamma Quadrant’ that title belongs to the tireless, reptilian “Jem’Hadar”. The shock troops of the tyrannical ‘Dominion’ the “Jem’Hadar” are the genetically engineered perfect warriors; they never sleep, eat, sit or lie down, they are completely devoted to their godhead leaders, the “Founders” and they live on average only a handful of years before they die in honorable combat. One of their favored weapons is this: the dreaded “Kar’Takin”! A ‘bladed’ weapon, this prop was featured prominently in the episode “To the Death” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The item is made of wood, metal, and molded rubber components, painted metallic silver and aged to appear tempered by battle! It measures approx. 40 X 7 X 2 inches.


Seen In/Used For::DS9 | Species/Culture::Jem'Hadar | Type::Prop-Weapon