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Positive feedback Thanks again for your wonderful Star Trek Items! As a great fan, I'm in Awe!!
A ‘silver' metal tray table screwed into a clear plastic, cylindrical column base attached to a circular wooden base with a translucent white top. The base and column are made to light up green when plugged into standard AC power with its approx. 86 inch, two-prong cable. Featured in Star Trek: Enterprise episodes like “Cold Front” it stood alongside Silik (John Fleck) while a Suliban doctor was extracting some of his genetic supplements. Its measurements come out in these approximations: the base is 3.5 X 12 inches diameter, the column is 36 inches from the base, and the tray is 19 X 13 inches with a .75 inch lip; overall approx. size 40 X 13 X 19 inches.


Seen In/Used For::ENT | Type::Set-Furniture