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A 'Delta Quadrant' species native to a planet of the same name, the "Wysanti" are a people who have dealt with the cybernetic "Borg" on a few occasions. During the episode, "Imperfection" two of the "U.S.S. Voyager's" child passengers, the twins "Rebi" (Cody Wetherill) and "Azan" (Kurt Wetherill) were returned to a ship commanded by people from the "Wysanti" home world and the woman who received wore this dress. It is a full-length dress with approx. 12-inch slits on the hem of both sides of the skirted opening, long sleeves made from the same material as the majority of the dress. It features an asymmetrical diamond made of tan material that starts in the center of the chest and continues around to the middle of the back that is obscured by a brown stripe that runs around the entire chest. The costume seals up the back by a zip that has clasps at the neck. Sewn in Voyager tags indicate use in multiple episodes and are inscribed 'Debbie Grattan' and 'Kate Hughs'.

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Kate Jo Hughes


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