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During “The Original Series” of Star Trek the “Romulans” were a mysterious species with basic make-up and hair special effects. When “The Next Generation” came around, their first appearance in the 24th century was a harbinger for dangerous times ahead and in the intervening years not only had “Romulan” technology and ships changed, but their appearance as well. The ‘forehead ridges' are reminiscent of stronger bone structure than their “Vulcan” counterparts and make the differentiation between the offshoot races more evident. The style carried over into episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and especially “Deep Space Nine”. Their role eventually culminated in the 2002 feature film Star Trek X: Nemesis that featured many “Romulans” in their ‘senate chambers’, crewmen on starships, and more. Almost certainly left over from this feature this latex forehead is a special effect application cast from a mold created specifically for actors portraying these character aliens. It covers the front of the head and eyebrow and is airbrushed flesh tone.