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Positive feedback Great item! Really impressed with the care you took in packaging and shipping.
The item the under robes and vest worn by the appointed “Sirah” (Kay Kutter) of the ‘Bajoran' village in the episode “The Storyteller” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. The “Sirah” is the appointed wise man who leads the people in a ceremony designed to thwart a powerful storm derived of the villagers emotions, the “Dal’Roc”. “Miles O’Brian” (Colm Meany) accidentally found himself the heir of the “Sirah” and thus had to wear the robe and take the mantle of the title for a short time. Kay E. Kuter played the “Sirah” until he ‘died’ in the episode. The title was eventually passed on to a native of the village, “Hovath” (Lawrence Monoson) as was the robe. These are the garments worn by the “Sirah” until his death. They are comprised of a multi-colored woven robe with a stitched in black belt that seals in the front using Velcro. There is also a vest featuring multicolored horizontal stripes separated by a section of red at chest level with (presumably Bajoran) reindeer and birds facing opposite directions. A black plastic belt that snaps shut seals the whole costume. This appealing wardrobe is very soft and pleasant and the sewn in Deep Space Nine tag is inscribed ‘Kay Kutter’.