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Leonardo was fascinated with the form of the spiral which often appears in nature, and is involved in the principle of the screw. His helicopter takes the form of an aerial screw, following the example of a device earlier brought to Europe from the Far East in the form of a children's toy. Of his design for the helicopter he wrote, "If this instrument made with a screw be well made - that is to say, made of linen of which the pores are stopped up with starchÑand be turned swiftly, the said screw will make its spiral in the air and it will rise high." In "Star Trek: Voyager" a holoprogram was used by “Captain Janeway” (Kate Mulgrew) of the “U.S.S. Voyager” to visit the masters workshop. Portrayed by John Rhys-Davies, “Leonardo Da Vinci” worked alongside “Janeway” asking life's questions and attempting to solve them. “Da Vinci” appeared in several episodes like “Scientific Method” and “Concerning Flight”. This fabulous prop is made of wood and crème cloth and measures approximately 9" high by 11" wide. The cloth spins around.