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Leonardo Da Vinci would use effigies such as this to study the human anatomy, this fellow in deep thought shows his muscles beneath the skin. Made to look like carved wood, this interesting prop would have been seen in the episodes of "Star Trek: Voyager". A holoprogram used by “Captain Janeway” (Kate Mulgrew) of the “U.S.S. Voyager”, ‘Da Vinci's workshop’ was a place of amazing constructs and even more impressive ideas. Portrayed by John Rhys-Davies, “Leonardo Da Vinci” worked alongside “Janeway” asking life’s questions and attempting to solve them. “Da Vinci” appeared in several episodes like “Scientific Method” and “Concerning Flight”. This item came from a set devoted to the character, his workshop. Measures approximately 20.5" tall, this figurine has a chip in the back and a small chip on his left pinky finger