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When “U.S.S. Voyager” encountered the “Krenim” species during their trip across the ‘Delta Quadrant' the aliens seemed to pose no threat, at least until a time displacement changed everything. The “Voyager” crew soon discovered that the ‘Krenim’ were altering history in their favor through the use of a ‘Temporal Weapon Ship’ that acted to erase entire species from history thus rendering the “Krenim” dominant. The ship wasn’t just a time weapon though, it also acted as a museum since the commander of the ship, “Annorax” (Kurtwood Smith) collected an item from every species they eliminated and kept it safe, impervious to the effects of age. This impressive ‘alien’ armor is part of that collection. From an ‘unknown species’ that had been ‘eradicated’ from history, this armor hung on a wall in the ‘Temporal Weapon Ship’ during scenes of the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Year of Hell”. Made from woven reed with cast resin ‘scales’ attached, some painted brown and most painted metallic ‘gold’ and 'silver' this armor stands ready to impress. Measures approx. 31 X 19 inches.