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A ‘joined Trill' (alien) “Jadzia Dax” (Terry Farrell) came to “Deep Space Nine” in its first episode “Emissary”. Her species is known best for its relationship with another sentient species to their planet, the ‘Trill Symbionts’ which they place inside their bodies allowing the pair to live out he normal course of their existence sharing each other’s experiences, then passing them on to the next host. One of “Dax’s” previous hosts was best friends and mentor to “Benjamin Sisko” (Avery Brooks) who commanded “Deep Space Nine” so while the ‘Dax symbiont’ was in the new host ‘Jadzia’ the two remained and became close friends. Terry Farrell played “Dax” for six of the show’s seven seasons and in that time courted “Worf” (Michael Dorn) who married her. The show’s only principle character deaths “Jadzia Dax” died in the episode “Tears of the Prophets” when she was murdered by “Gul Dukat” (Marc Alaimo). This costume represents her character during seasons five through six corresponding to the change in Starfleet uniforms set by the feature film Star Trek VIII: First Contact in that it is a black form fitting jumpsuit with gray quilting around the shoulders, division piping at the cuffs matching the sleeveless turtleneck undershirt. “Dax” was a part of the sciences division so her undershirt and cuffs are blue. The costume zips up the front and clasps at the top, has black elastic stirrups at the feet, and features detachable shoulder pads. The Deep Space Nine interior tag is inscribed ‘Terry Farrell’.