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Having entered the ‘Delphic Expanse' the crew of “Enterprise NX-01” searches for information about the mysterious Xindi who recently attacked Earth. One of their missions takes them to a marketplace filled with all sorts of interesting characters, one of which turns out to be a Xindi agent planted to attract the attention of the human crew. “Rajiin” (Nikita Ager) is an alien woman with strange telepathic abilities and athleticism capable of thwarting the crew’s strongest attempt to subdue her. Using her sensuality she is able to obtain a great deal of information on human biology that the treacherous Xindi-Reptillians use to create a biogenic weapon! “Rajiin” featured several costume changes for the attractive character; one was this light, almost see-through outfit comprised of pants and a shirt, one selected for use by a stuntwoman. The costumer’s tag is inscribed ‘Nakita Ager’.