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END: 2007-01-12 14:00:00
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In the episode “Regeneration” of Star Trek: Enterprise, a paradox has occurred in that the Borg has been found on Earth before humanity has ever met them. The crew of the “Enterprise NX-01” has been assigned to rescue their kidnapped researchers but the unstoppable Borg have improved their technology over and over again by the time the crew catches up to their hijacked ship. Having assimilated a Tarkalean freighter and its crew “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) has to fend off the aliens, as they become more and more Borg. Their costume is teal simulated leather pants with blue accents and black elastic stirrups and suspenders with a matching top jacket and belt. The uniform is ‘distressed' by Borg additives! An area around each shoulder and on the left breast has been ‘torn’ open to reveal the onset of Borg assimilation whereby there are exposed special effects applications of pale ‘skin’ with Borg implants. The uniform also has a sewn on metal badge unique to the ‘Tarkaleans’. The sewn in Enterprise tag reads ‘Nicole Randal’.