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EBAY#: 140071523505 START: 2007-01-05 13:56:00 (week 4)
END: 2007-01-12 13:56:00
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Positive feedback Doesnt answer emails, but fast shipping and nice piece of wardrobe, thanks
While conducting a specialized warp field experiment “Commander ‘Trip' Tucker” (Connor Trinneer) is injured and goes into a coma that he will not wake from by the time the ship is immobilized due to the failed experiment. In an attempt to replace damaged brain tissue so “Trip” can be wakened in time to repair the ship he is cloned with an alien technique that will render the clone dead in only three days. In that time he will grow from a child to an adult, form the memories of his precursor, and then be asked to sacrifice himself to allow his own brain tissue to be transplanted into “Trip”. The episode “Similitude” of Star Trek: Enterprise became a fan favorite and asked the tough questions creating a favored character that was only able to survive for the single episode. “Sim” (the name given to the character) costume is comprised of a gray uniform jumpsuit with Velcro and zipper size adjustments at the cuffs and ankles, button and strap size adjustments at the waist, a zip running up the center seam, and functional pockets at the thighs while the ones on the chest are faux. The interior Enterprise tag is inscribed ‘Everett Kemp’.