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EBAY#: 140071527305 START: 2007-01-05 14:56:00 (week 4)
END: 2007-01-12 14:56:00
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From the episode “Strange New World” of Star Trek: Enterprise this Starfleet uniform jumpsuit was worn by Henri Lubatti in his portrayal of “Crewman Ethan Novokovich”. Having suffered a transporter malfunction during an electrical storm on an alien world he beams back to the ship with plant and ground material blowing through him as he dematerializes, thus arriving on “Enterprise” with the same matter embedded in his skin and uniform. Starfleet uniform jumpsuits include the famous ‘Enterprise NX-01' left shoulder patch. “Enterprise” costumes feature multiple zippered pockets, Velcro size adjustments and zippers at the wrists and ankles, and come with detachable shoulder pads. This one features a black circular rank patch on the right breast with two white stripes indicating the wearer to be the rank of ‘crewman 2nd class’. The uniform shows signs of ‘distress’ in that there are twigs, leaves, and stones affixed to the uniform to indicate the ‘transporter malfunction’. The shoulders feature blue sciences division trim specific to the character. The costume tag indicates wear by ‘Henri Lubatti’.