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END: 2007-03-02 14:17:00
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The Orions are a humanoid species with distinct green skin from the Orion planet. This elaborate uniform was worn by an Orion guard in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Borderland. It features incredible pants made of woven leather strips with leather trim and a built in codpiece. Three tiered patchwork leather decorates the right side of the pants. There is a zip up the back and stirrups at the feet. Worn around the waist is a remarkable oversized cumber-band made of leather with embossed reptile print. Four leather lattice style belts with metal pyramid shaped studs thread through the band and buckle at the front. An addition leather shoulder strap with brass colored studs and detail is also attached. A loose piece of leather is attached and hangs at the back. The outfit is complete with a cropped shoulder armor top made of studded leather with leather trim. It buckles across the chest and has sprayed silver rubber and foam shoulder armor on the right side. There is also matching shoulder armor for the left side (included) that needs to be reattached. The inside tags indicate wear by various actors.