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EBAY#: 140129555816 START: 2007-06-15 14:06:00 (week 27)
END: 2007-06-22 14:06:00
BIDS: 16PRICE: $1404.00assumedsuccess
A prop model spaceship featured in the premier episode “Broken Bow” of Star Trek: Enterprise. While taking in the wisdom of “Henry Archer” (Marc Moses), young “Jonathan” (Marty Davis) assembles this model. The opening shot of the series begins on the pair of model pilots in the cockpit who appear to be watching or communicating with mission control via monitor screens featuring what are likely miniature photographs of production personnel. They also sit loose in the cockpit. The item is bereft of ‘warp nacelles' however one is present for attachment on screen. The items are both painted gray with black, orange, red accents. The shuttle measures approx. 23 X 26 X 6 inches while the nacelle is approx. 12 X 4 X 2.75 inches.

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Same model at IAW item #7540 and Christie's 40 Years #1778-0167

IAW item #0455 is the remote control unit and anti-gravity cell.


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