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EBAY#: 140071527279 START: 2007-01-05 14:48:00 (week 4)
END: 2007-01-12 14:48:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $1225.00assumedsuccess
At one time a feared rebel, later a high ranking minister of the reformed Vulcan government, then the only person ever to have turned down a seat on the Federation Council, “T'Pau” (Kara Zediker) wore this costume during the episode “The Forge”, “Awakening”, and “Kir’Shara. Made up of several elaborate parts this costume is comprised of a form fitting burgundy jumpsuit bottom attached to a multi-colored shirt which seals diagonally across the right breast through a system of snaps and clasps with tiny sewn on buttons; a leather belt and harness with affixed studs, and an intricate bustier featuring an intricate shaved fur pattern. The costume comes complete with tall high heel leather boots with multiple buckles and a multi-colored full-length robe made to look distressed, detachable shoulder pads, and leather gauntlets. The interior tags are inscribed ‘Kara Zediker’.

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