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Worn by Chad Allen during his portrayal of “Jono” in the episode “Suddenly Human” of Star Trek: The Next Generation. His family killed by Talarians, Jono, a human, was raised by the aliens who had been at odds with the Federation until being a young adult. When retrieved by the “Enterprise-D” it was soon realized that the only respect he held for any of the crew lay in “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) whose discomfort around children was no secret. Eventually the two formed a bond despite some speed bumps along the way (Jono stabbed Picard through the chest) and a crisis between the Federation and the Talarians was averted. The uniform of the Talarians consists of a black jumpsuit with ribbed legs and a gold stripe down the outside seams, padded leather armor around the shoulders, chest, and back with gold trim and an open squared off neck revealing a gold ‘chain mail' type fabric also used in the sleeves. The armor also features a badge of rank on the right breast made of gold colored metal. The costume features a black plastic helmet with corresponding strips of fabric that match the sleeves. The costume also comes with a silver colored long sleeved shirt made with pleated stitching both horizontally and vertically. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Jono, Chad Allan’.