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EBAY#: 140074096069 START: 2007-01-12 13:26:00 (week 5)
END: 2007-01-19 13:26:00
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Positive feedback Truly Wonderful Star Trek Item! Thanks a Bunch for all the Great Star Trek Stuff
Made for the episode “Journey's End” this Native American Indian costume did not make the final cut of the show. This interesting costume includes a tan jumpsuit that has been hand painted in a check pattern with metallic silver paint. The squares are alternating brown with pale pink diagonal stripes and tan with cream blotches. There is a zip at the back and stitched on leather feet pads at the bottom. The accompanying gray waistcoat is double breasted and also has hand painting over its entirety. The patterns include silver, white and black zigzags and simple silver stars. There is also a gray sash with black and light gray stripes for around the waist. The costume is complete with a large handmade head mask made of multiple materials over a mesh frame. Some of the materials used for the mask include felt, twigs and plastic. This item comes complete with a costume tag.