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EBAY#: 370148241246 START: 2009-01-21 15:56:00 (week 110)
END: 2009-01-31 15:56:00
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A lot of prop medical equipment appearing in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Zero Hour” following the destruction of the Xindi super weapon and the reappearance of “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) in an alternate history of German occupied America during World War II. The items are intravenous fluid containers, hoses, and prop needles labeled in German with remaining contained fluids from production use. The lot consists of five glass jars with clear fluid contained internally, a giant zip seal bag of hoses with prop needles, a set of three smaller jars of prop ‘Morphium’ and another set of four smaller jars of the same with rubber stoppers and internally held liquid, two tubes of paste with paper labels reading ‘Alkalische Augensalbe (Nur fur Kampfstoffverletzte) Wehrkreissanitatspark X Hamburg’, two rolled wraps covered in paper reading ‘Polo Plast’, and two smaller sized items of matching material. The items in the lot are generally spotted with dried red special effects ‘blood’ to create the appearance of ‘use’ in a field hospital. The props in this lot are in no way intended for medical use, are in no way guaranteed for sterility, or to match their prop labels by way of volume, substance, or indication. This lot contains no known substance that is intended for ingestion, consumption, or application to any living body.