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EBAY#: 370152640615 START: 2009-01-31 18:02:00 (week 112)
END: 2009-02-10 18:02:00
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A lot of costume elements featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and or Voyager for wear by such actors as Vaughn Armstrong, Mark Ralston, and even J.G. Hertzler. This lot consists of knee-high, painted brown, leather and vinyl boots with flat soles, horned toes, metallic silver painted reinforcements around the interior edges, inside zips that run from the foot arch to the inside of the knee. Included are two brown, leather gauntlets with Klingon makeup residue on the reverse, a matching leather gorget featuring metal badges, a weathered, brown leather belt with a vinyl and faux fur disruptor holster, and a brass-colored metal belt with a design of multiple asymmetrical components. A brown leather and vinyl shoulder piece with matching faux fur, a metal badge at the collar, and dark-gray spine piece attached to the back. All items are distressed to appear ‘aged’. With the exception of the shoulder piece, all items have a sewn in Voyager tags or other label featuring the name ‘Vaughn Armstrong’ and were used in his portrayal of “Korath” in the Voyager finale “Endgame” and/or the Klingon Captain in the Enterprise episode “Sleeping Dogs”. A label in the boots also names Mark Rolston who played “Captain Magh” in “The Augments”, and “J.G. Hertzler” as either “Kolos” in “Judgment” or the Klingon Commander in “Borderland”.