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A lot of three scripts from the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise and each unique in that they contain first occurrences or the beginnings of important plot devices for later episodes. The first script is for the episode “The Andorian Incident”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” visits a Vulcan monastery but finds it over run with Andorians looking for a secret Vulcan surveillance station. This of course is the first chronological appearance of Andorians in all of Star Trek. The second script is “Breaking the Ice”; wherein “Malcolm Reed” (Dominic Keating) and “Travis Mayweather” (Anthony Montgomery) take a shuttle pod over to the largest comet they had ever encountered and end up getting stuck in a fissure in the surface. This episode shows the beginning of the growing attraction and then relationship between “Trip Tucker” (Connor Trinneer) and “T’Pol” (Jolene Blalock). The last script is for the episode “Silent Enemy”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” discovers a mysterious alien ship that suddenly attacks. This is of course, the first appearance of the ‘phase cannon’, precursor to the ‘phaser’ which is used to drive off the alien attacker. The script for “Breaking the Ice” has a cover with an Enterprise graphic on the front, episode name, draft that it is, and date; all three scripts have a cover page that lists the series and episode name, number, writer, director, draft that it is and date. Included on following pages is a set list, cast member list and pronunciation guide of alien or scientific terms.