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EBAY#: 370152640896 START: 2009-01-31 19:12:00 (week 112)
END: 2009-02-10 19:12:00
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A costume like those featured in various Star Trek feature films beginning with “First Contact”. This costume is referred to as the “Commando”, captain’s variant of the First Contact-style Starfleet uniform called this because it was first featured in the film of the same name, it consists of a short-sleeved, blue-gray tunic, a long-sleeved, uniform undershirt in Command Red that zips up the front, black, overall-style, uniform trousers with hoops at the waist for ‘away team gear’. A black, Starfleet uniform jacket featuring gray, quilted shoulders, a Command red stripe around the cuffs, a Velcro placement for a commbadge (sold separately) and a matching vest with the same quilting and its own Velcro placement. A sewn in tag in undershirt reads ‘Picard’ and a tag in trousers reads ‘Steve Kelso, Picard Stunt’ making this costume a combination of character and stunt elements all of which were found in the Patrick Stewart collection.