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From the episode “Sons of Mogh” in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, this Bajoran security costume was worn by actor Tony Todd during his portrayal of “Kurn” brother to “Worf” (Michael Dorn). When Worf refused to join the Klingon attack on neighboring aliens, the Cardassians, he was stuck on the other side of a conflict that separated him from his own people, but being a Starfleet officer he was able to remain in a home he made with the Federation. It was not the same for his brother Kurn who had been a member of the Klingon High Council. Now disgraced due to his relationship to Worf, Kurn goes to Deep Space Nine to meet his brother and ask for ritual suicide, but ends up taking a position in Bajoran security. Bent on an honorable death in battle he leaps into a difficult fray with an alien scoundrel and is shot in the shoulder. This distressed uniform top is the one worn by Tony Todd in “Sons of Mogh”, a touching tale of a family ripped apart by difficult decisions and unforgiving circumstances. The costume is that of a Bajoran security officer, colored brown with mustard sleeves and shoulders with a zip up the center of the front and clasps at the top, a patch for a Bajoran combadge (sold separately) and a special effects application in the left shoulder designed to indicate a blast wound. The interior Deep Space Nine tag reads ‘Tony Todd'.