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EBAY#: 370162345082 START: 2009-02-19 18:44:00 (week 114)
END: 2009-03-01 18:44:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $515.00assumedsuccess
An LCARS style panel (Library Computer Access and Retrieval Systems) like those appearing variously on the set of the “U.S.S. Voyager” in episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. The item is a sheet of smoked acrylic with a multi-colored graphical application adhered to the reverse that is best viewed when back lit by an external light source. The graphic depicts multiple faux buttons, indicator lights, readouts, and displays, an attitude/pitch control on the left side and two places where individual light boxes were removed prior to set strike. The graphic on the reverse is of the variety that is single sheet instead of fashioned from multiple translucent gels. The indicators read ‘Navigational Reference’ and ‘Emergency Override’ and more. The item measures approx. 13 X 45 inches and the corners are rounded. The item depicts a minor amount of scuffing on the face and some smudging due to time and storage conditions but is in otherwise good condition and used.