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A metal provisional rank pin made for ‘Maquis’ crewmembers who integrated into the Starfleet crew of “USS Voyager” following their displacement into the Delta Quadrant during the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager, “Caretaker”. This pin indicates the provisional rank of ‘ensign’ due to its molded single stripe. A slightly curved metal pin with inset painted a shade of gold, and with black highlights around the inner edge, this style of pin showed up in various episodes of the series seven year run. The item features a pair of snaps on the back ready to be attached to receiving snaps on the yoke of a gray turtleneck undershirt corresponding to those worn by characters in the series. Due to the frequency of appearances of ‘ensign’ rank characters in the series a number of these will be available in the auction. The hue of coloration regarding the stripe, highlights, and inset may vary from the photograph. None of the available items have been in any way altered upon their location.