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A piece of set dressing featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise in the engineering department. This item was inset into any one of a large series of like control junctions that made up parts of the walls of engineering. Carefully removed from sets, this item is in reality a ‘Radio Shack Sound Mixer board with a serial number of ‘006163’. The item is powered by a two prong standard 120volt plug that, when activated, does cause onboard lights to come on but has not been tested on actual sound equipment. Consisting of five main slides down the front, various dials, more slides, buttons and switches, this already handsome item was altered in appearance, painted in the color scheme of the “Enterprise NX-01” engineering bay. The RCA-style audio plug ins on the back are a series of four stereo channels, an effect and output jacks, and a monopole microphone jack. With handles on either side, screw holes for wall or rack mounting, and rubber feet on the bottom for table top use, this item is completely versatile and a definite rarity. The item measures approx. 19 X 9.5 X 3.5 inches.