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EBAY#: 370157930519 START: 2009-02-11 19:04:00 (week 113)
END: 2009-02-18 19:04:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Rejoined”, altered and then used in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Demons”. This costume consists of a long-sleeved, brown, knee-length tunic with lighter-brown trim around the collar and down the front; a panel down the front and back featuring a diamond pattern of two contrasting shades of light and dark brown, pleated near the top and wrapping around to attach via snaps and clasps. Included are overall-style trousers in the same brown as the overall shade of the tunic and a Universal Translator. The Universal Translator is molded plastic, painted metallic-silver with a pair of graphical applications adhered to two sides and corresponding faux rubber buttons with numeric values. The item also features a Velcro placement on the reverse for affixing to a costume. A sewn in Enterprise tag on both garments reads ‘Tom Bergeron’ and a costumer’s tag denotes wear by James Noah as the specified character in the specified episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.