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EBAY#: 370162345323 START: 2009-02-19 19:38:00 (week 114)
END: 2009-03-01 19:38:00
BIDS: 19PRICE: $787.00assumedsuccess
A lot of fantastic set sketches created to develop the “Enterprise NX-01” for Star Trek: Enterprise. The lot consists of thirty white paper sheets that depict pencil sketches in drafting format (not necessarily to scale). The sketches detail the configuration of sets like the main bridge and situation room immediately behind as well as the captain’s ready room, the main airlock set, the galley, the command center appearing first in the third season, the shuttle bay, the armory with missile racks, the transporter pad, the configuration of the ship corridors, a shuttle interior with labels to indicate the internal set pieces, both floors of the engineering compartment with the legendary warp five reactor, the dining hall, sickbay, and set plans for most characters. The items are all originals, in perfect condition, and measure approx. 8.5 X 11 inches.