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A lot of three scripts for seventh season episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first script is for the episode “It’s Only a Paper Moon”; wherein “Nog” (Aron Eisenberg) returns to DS9 after losing a leg at AR-558 and retreats into the holosuites to deal with the uncertainty his loss has engendered in him. The second script is for “Chimera”; wherein another of the “hundred” Changelings sent out finds its way to Deep Space Nine. The changeling “Laas” is played by Star Trek veteran “J.G. Hertzler” but was credited as “Garman Hertzler” in the episode. The last script is for the episode “Buduh-bing Buduh-bang”; wherein holographic mobsters mount a hostile takeover of “Vic Fontaine's” (Jimmy Darren) lounge and “Captain Sisko” and crew enter the holosuite to prevent it. The scripts for “Buduh-bing Buduh-bang” are first drafts so they have only the episode name, draft of the script, and date on the front, the same information restated, the episode number, writer and director on the inside. The script for “Chimera” is a final draft so it includes a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine graphic on the outside, a cast, set, and pronunciation guide on following pages with a page reading ‘Please Note: Act Five to Follow’ after wards.