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A lot of robes worn in Star Trek X: Nemesis. During opening scenes in which a council session is heard in the Romulan Senate setting the tone for the film, the entire governing body of the Romulan star Empire is assassinated using a theoretical radiological weapon, thus the stage is set for a new praetor to take control of the empire. These senator's robes are made up of a beautiful rich gold under robe with long sleeves that zip to fit at the cuff, have a slit up the legs, and features interior collars to appear more flush in the same multi-colored square style as the Romulan fleet uniforms from the same movie. The outer robe is made of a subdued gold fabric with a shiny interior lining with elbow length draped arm sleeves, and an open front that has matching tassels sewn on. All of this goes over a matching bib that ties up the back and features a Mandarin style collar. This elaborate piece is made to provoke the most austere appearance in its wearer.

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