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EBAY#: 140076749499 START: 2007-01-19 13:50:00 (week 6)
END: 2007-01-26 13:50:00
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When “U.S.S. Voyager” found its way to the edge of the ‘Nekrit Expanse' they came across a damaged Borg Cube ship and a stranded group of aliens who were formerly Borg. They lived together on the surface of a hospitable world and worked generally together until a disaffected group attempted to take control. While “Commander Chakotay” (Robert Beltran) attempted to alleviate the dangers of a society built on discord, the compromising element within the group eventually won over by reactivating their ability to communicate through Borg technology. The costumes of these aliens were similar in cut and build, made from local fibers. This costume is one of them; a pair of pants with black elastic stirrups and suspenders with a jacket that opens around the collarbones and has half length sleeves. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Unity’ and ‘stunt’.