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EBAY#: 140076749518 START: 2007-01-19 13:54:00 (week 6)
END: 2007-01-26 13:54:00
BIDS: 25PRICE: $4658.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Beautiful piece, though their failure to reply to emails is worrysome. Well pac
A robotic threat like none other! An android of incomparable cruelty! A menace that is easily deactivated by a pulling of circuits! “Satan's Robot” (Tarik Ergin) was a construct of one of “Tom Paris’” (Robert Duncan McNeil) holodeck simulations ‘The Adventures of Captain Proton!’ The costume is befitting of a machine that almost conquers the world in the final chapter. A large cylinder, open at the top and bottom, and two rectangular openings on the right and left with a pair of grates for the actor inside to see out of. The openings on the side allow for the arms to be connected with a hinge pin on both sides and the legs are attached to a belt worn by the actor through the use of a pair of loops. The legs end above the ankle where size 13 shoes are fitted into ‘robotic’ feet. Topped off with a round lid, the entire costume is painted metallic silver and displays ‘scorch’ marks left over from ‘battles with aliens from the fifth dimension’ in the episode “Bride of Chaotica!” The chest features a magnetically closed door that when opened reveals wires. This one of a kind costume may actually be the ‘most evil force in the galaxy’.

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