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Upon receiving word from the Cardassians that a rebellion within their partnetship with the Dominion was underway, the officers of “Deep Space Nine” realized they had a friend in their enemy's camp. It was decided to send a team of officers to aid them in their efforts to overthrow the oppressors and who better to lead that team than a former freedom fighter, “Colonel Kira” (Nana Visitor). Granted a temporary Starfleet commission of ‘commander’ and allowed to wear a Starfleet uniform, “Kira” fought alongside her previous enemies to cripple a common threat. This uniform is a black Starfleet uniform jumpsuit with attached command red long sleeve turtleneck undershirt, form fitting elastic waist with loops for ‘away team’ gear and a zip up the front. The uniform comes complete with a distressed black jacket with quilted gray shoulders featuring a Velcro patch for a Starfleeet combadge (sold separately). The distress is evident in that the left shoulder is torn out of the uniform but the sleeve is still attached. The costumer’s tag indicates wear by ‘Nana Visitor’.