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EBAY#: 140079063792 START: 2007-01-26 14:43:00 (week 7)
END: 2007-02-02 14:43:00
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Hoping to practice “frontier medicine” when he arrived on “Deep Space Nine”, “Dr. Julian Bashir” (Siddig El-Fadil) realized shortly that the adventure he so desired lay all around him and just beyond the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. In later seasons his experience began to take precedence over his youth and his being genetically enhanced came into play. This is one of ht uniforms he wore during the Dominion War. A black Starfleet uniform jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders, form fitting elastic waist with an interior belt with clasps, loops for ‘away team' gear, a Velcro patch for a Starfleet combadge (sold separately), and sciences blue trim on the cuffs to match the corresponding long sleeved turtleneck undershirt. The costume was made to have rolled sleeves for any of the times Dr. Bashir was involved in combat triage. The corresponding costumer’s tag is inscribed ‘Siddig El-Fadil’, and ‘sleeves rolled’. The sewn in Deep Space Nine tag reads ‘Alexander Siddig’ corresponding to the actor’s decision to change his name during one of the show’s hiatus.