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EBAY#: 140079063825 START: 2007-01-26 14:49:00 (week 7)
END: 2007-02-02 14:49:00
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Positive feedback Great costumes! Thanks!!
One of the most endearing characters in Star Trek, “Jake Sisko” (Cirroc Lofton) came on the scene as a boy and grew to be a young man right before our eyes. His scenes with onscreen father “Benjamin Sisko” (Avery Brooks) were moving and so very real. The same could be said about Brock Peters role as patriarch of the Sisko family, “Joseph Sisko” (veteran actor who portrayed “Admiral Cartwright” in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). Owner of a Creole restraint in New Orleans on Earth, Joseph is the commanding presence behind the character of his son, Ben. This collection embodies some of their memorable civilian wear; a lot of six shirts and a woven fabric coat that come from the Jake collection and a shirt from the Joseph collection all with tags indicating wear by ‘Cirroc Lofton', one with ‘Brock Peters’, and another shirt with ‘Ivar Bartel’, Lofton’s photo double.