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EBAY#: 140079063620 START: 2007-01-26 14:05:00 (week 7)
END: 2007-02-02 14:05:00
BIDS: 15PRICE: $1035.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Great costume, i love it. Terrible communication!
No one embodies elaborate dress like “Quark” (Armin Shimerman). As “Deep Space Nine's” resident Ferengi bartender his costumes had a stand out appeal that made him a fan favorite. This costume is comprised of four main components; a burgundy colored sleeveless jumpsuit to be worn under a cropped purple and blue long sleeved shirt with a ‘gold’ badge and a gold floral print vest with purple trim. All of this is worn under an immaculate waist coat with tails featuring velvet purple and burgundy sleeves with matching collar, and an interior floral print with a pair of ‘gold’ chain decorations on the chest. Worn by Armin Shimerman in the episodes "The Ascent" and "Who Mourns for Morn?" of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.