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EBAY#: 140079063596 START: 2007-01-26 13:59:00 (week 7)
END: 2007-02-02 13:59:00
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The Cardassian Union relies heavily on its military branch to maintain its government's policies and borders. Through much of the 244th century the military occupied neighboring ‘Bajor’ and its people until they relinquished their claim and left behind station “Terok Nor”. Renamed “Deep Space Nine, when the Federation assumed control at the request of the new Bajoran Provisional Government, the Cardassians maintained a presence throughout the sector and this uniform as much a presence as they were. The costume top is made of cast latex to be worn over a Spandex jumpsuit with stirrups that go inside rubber boots, which include cast latex gaiters. Also included is a cast holster for a Cardassian disruptor pistol on a belt that fastens at the waste and around the thigh, a cast “wrist communicator” that attaches via Velcro, and plastic ‘scale’ armor that attack at the ribs and elbows via snaps. Interior Deep Space Nine tags indicate use by various actors.