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The ‘Jem' Hadar’ are a military super power from the Gamma Quadrant who were genetically engineered by the ‘Founders’ to make them several times more powerful than humans. This ‘Jem’ Hadar’ uniform consists of a neoprene gray sleeveless jumpsuit with geometric patterning down the front and back. There is a zip at the front and a deep pocket on the left side. The jacket is made of the same material with a matching design and leather attachments to the collar area. A black rubber harness that does up with Velcro is worn around the waist and over the shoulders. To accompany the uniform is a black vest with puckered fabric and black solid trim as well as a black gun holster. In addition there is a set of three decorative attachments that adhere to the uniform with Velcro or snaps. The costume comes complete with matching boots and costume tags.